Training Solutions

All Mirror Images’ interaction with our delegates is based on the principles of Commitment, Ownership and Accountability, focusing on the need for a high level of standards and expectations.

When an employee looks at their role within a company as an integral part of the success of the whole Organisation and applies this understanding to the service that they offer to their clients, both internally and externally, they start to function as professionals with entrepreneurial skills that naturally equate into higher revenue streams.

We follow a structured training methodology to ensure the alignement of a clients’ expectations to the desired result.

With Mirror Images you are guaranteed a training partner that will work with you to ensure the development of human capital beyond all expectations.

Training Programmes

Mirror Images offers a selection of structured courses designed to assist in developing your new or existing teams and leadership and to increase overall performance and ROI.

Our courses are aligned to improve the following roles

  • Telemarketers
  • Lead generation teams
  • Sales teams
  • Sales Leadership
  • General Management

Customised Solutions

Many Organisations do not function optimally as a result of poor performance from staff that lack skills, knowledge and commitment.

By identifying weak areas, within an individual or a team, that hamper their performance, Mirror Images can write a training programme aimed at specific needs that address the areas of weakness.

We identify what is required and we provide training solutions to suit the needs of the staff compliment.

We empower the people that make up your business.

Focusing on the management, sales and operations of your Organisation, from your frontline to your backline, we can ensure that your employees know their responsibility to your Organisation, their clients and themselves.